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Government Of Assam Panchayat & Rural Development Assam State Rural Livelihood Mission (ASRLM)


Executive Committee Meeting

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Executive Committee Meeting
1st Executive Committee_06/10/20123.75 MBswf-image
2nd Executive Committee_28/03/20143.2 MBswf-image
3rd Executive Committee_01/09/20142.02 MBswf-image
4th Executive Committee_22/09/20153.18 MBswf-image
5th Executive Committee_01/02/20162.56 MBswf-image
6th Executive Committee_26/09/20163.69 MBswf-image
Special Executive Committee_19/10/2016881.27 KBswf-image
7th Executive Committee_18/04/20172.93 MBswf-image
8th Executive Committee_05/06/20172.42 MBswf-image
9th Executive Committee_21/08/2017645.7 KBswf-image
10th Executive Committee_17/11/20172.12 MBswf-image
11th Executive Committee_18/04/20182.57 MBswf-image
12th Executive Committee 08/11/20181.84 MBswf-image
13th Executive Committee 06/05/20192.95 MBswf-image
14th Executive Committee 18/06/20201.44 MBswf-image