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Government Of Assam Panchayat & Rural Development Assam State Rural Livelihood Mission (ASRLM)

Become a part of CLF

Become a part of Cluster Level Federation (CLF)

After one to one and a half years of NRLM implementation in an intensive way, 50% of targeted households are enrolled into SHG & VO fold. In order to further strengthen the SHGs & VOs, a higher level of platform is required to address bigger issues. Thus, with VOs who are more than 6 months old are brought into the CLF fold.


Cluster Level Federation Concept and Need

1.   It is the secondary level federation of SHGs, covering a cluster of villages, generally about one-fourth of a block.

2.   It is a Cluster level federation where all VOs are its members.

3.   It is an umbrella organization representing all the poor households in the Cluster.

4.   Cluster Level Federation will identify the left-out household and include through PIP.

5.   It provides continuous support and guidance for strengthening VOs and SHGs.

6.  It identifies and provides guidance and support on various issues which can’t be addressed by the VOs.

7.  Cluster Level Federation will facilitate the Funds – through bank linkage, convergence, member institutions and other sources.

8. It facilitates VOs, in its monthly meetings, identifies various training needs of community   members and community staff and implements such activities.

9.  CLF is designed to serve as a platform for larger collective action required for the promotion of livelihoods and social development of the member households.

10. It acts as a Cluster level forum for bringing the poor and the Government Institutions and agencies together to achieve convergence in the implementation of various programmes and services with member participation.


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