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Government Of Assam Panchayat & Rural Development Assam State Rural Livelihood Mission (ASRLM)

Apply for RF/CIF/VRF

Apply for Revolving Fund (RF)/Community Investment Fund (CIF)/Vulnerability Reduction Fund (VRF)

NRLM provides Revolving Fund and Community Investment Fund (CIF) as Resources in Perpetuity to the institutions of the poor, to strengthen their institutional and financial management capacity and build their track record to attract mainstream bank finance.

• Revolving Fund (RF) support to SHGs: ASRLMS is providing Revolving Fund (RF) support to the eligible SHGs (SHGs that have not received any RF earlier), as corpus, with a minimum of Rs. 10,000 and up to a maximum of Rs. 15,000 per SHG. The RF support, besides meeting consumption and initial production needs, is also building institutional capacities of the SHGs in managing loans and funds. The RF support is given to SHGs, who fulfill the following measures.

Eligibility criterion for SHG to avail Revolving Fund (RF) as follows:

1.    SHG must have SB A/c.

2.    SHG must have completed 3 months age from the date of formation.

3.    SHG must have been practicing ‘Panchasutra

4.    SHG must have passed 1st Grading


Community Investment Fund (CIF): ASRLMS is providing Community Investment Fund (CIF) to eligible SHGs through their Federations through Micro Credit Plan (MCP) to support further for enlarging their opportunities for livelihoods and other social needs. This would enable members of the SHG to access loans and undertake income generating activities individually as per the Micro Credit Plan and increase their incomes.

Eligibility criterion for SHG to avail Community Investment Fund (CIF) as follows:

1.    SHG must have prepared Micro Credit Plan (MCP) as per existing norms of ASRLMS.

2.    Appraisal of MCP should have done by the Village Organization (VO)/ Cluster Level Federation (CLF).

Vulnerability Reduction Fund (VRF): VRF will be used for addressing the vulnerabilities of the members like food security, health security, natural disaster security, etc., and for meeting the needs of the vulnerable persons in the village. This Vulnerability Reduction Fund would be used for the purpose of reducing the vulnerability and risks faced by the disabled and vulnerable in the village. The VRF support is given to the eligible Village Organizations (VOs) in two installments.

Eligibility criterion for VO to avail 1st Installment as follows:

1.    VO must have completed three (3) months of age and actively functioning.

2.    VO office bearer must have been selected.

3.    VO must have Saving Bank A/c.

4.    VO must have been conducting regular meeting.

5.    VO-Executive Committee must have been constituted and functioning.

6.    VO must have trained Book-Keeper.

Eligibility criterion for VO to avail 2nd installment as follows:

1.    VO should have an appraised Vulnerability Reduction Plan (VRP) of the village.

2.    VO should have successfully disbursed at least 60% of the amount of 1st installment to needy SHG members and other vulnerable people of the village.

3.    VO should have introduced 1-2 activities to address vulnerabilities.