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Government Of Assam Panchayat & Rural Development Assam State Rural Livelihood Mission (ASRLM)

Our Divisions Field Offices

    • State Mission Management Unit (SMMU) :

    The SMMU is the head office of Assam State Rural Livelihoods Mission Society, headed by State Mission Director (SMD), who is also the Member Convenor of the Executive Committee. The SMD is assisted by a team of experts in the implementation of the Mission. These experts, with adequate experience in the relevant thematic areas, are drawn from the market on contractual basis and also government organizations on deputation basis. Retired bank officials, with specific terms of reference, are also engaged. The decision making activities are carried out in the SMMU, headed by the SMD and Additional Mission Director (AMD), Chief Finance Controller, Chief Operating Officers (COOs), State Project Managers (SPMs) and other functional specialists in the following areas:

    1. Social Mobilization, Institution Building and Capacity Building
    2. Human Resource and Administration
    3. Financial inclusion
    4. Livelihoods
    5. Skill Development and Placement
    6. Finance and Accounts

    SMMU is also equipped with experienced Secretarial staff to ensure efficient, effective functioning of the unit office as well as to facilitate the smooth implementation of the Mission in the state.


    District Mission Management Unit (DMMU):

    There are twenty four (24) District Mission Management Units (DMMUs) set up and operating in close coordination and consultation with SMMU and district administration. Nine (9) more DMMUs will be set up shortly, thus covering the thirty three districts of the state. A multidisciplinary unit, the DMMU is led by the District Project Manager hired from the open market on contract basis, functional experts in social mobilization, institution building and capacity building, financial inclusion, livelihoods, skill development and placement, human resource, monitoring and evaluation. The units also have support staff such as MIS executive, Junior Assistants, Accountants and Office Assistant. 

    Block Mission Management Unit (BMMU):

    One hundred forty eight (148) Block Mission Management Units (BMMUs) have already been set up and 71 more will be set up shortly. A BMMU is led by Block Project Manager and supported by a maximum of five (5) Block Coordinators and other support staff hired from the open market on contractual basis, fully specialized in the areas of Social Development, Financial Inclusion, Livelihoods, Social Mobilization, Institution Building and Capacity Building.


    Apart from the Mission staffs, each and every BMMU has a pool of dedicated Community Cadres comprising of Jeevika Sakhis, Social Development Jeevika Sakhis, Livelihoods Jeevika Sakhis, Krishi Sakhis, Pashu Sakhis, BC Sakhis, Master Book Keepers, Bank Mitras and MCP trainers. These cadres provide quality services to the grass root level institutions so that they can function without any hitches and external inferences, as well as to provide the services to the each and every corner of the community under the saturation approach. Once the organizations are able to administer by themselves, then the Mission will draw back from providing services.

    District Mission Management Unit (DMMU)

    Sl. No. Name of DMMU e-mail ID
    1 Sidli Chirang dmmuchirang@gmail.com
    2 Nagaon dmmuasrlmsnagaon@gmail.com
    3 Sonitpur sonitpur.asrlms@gmail.com
    4 Dhemaji dmmudhemaji@gmail.com
    5 Tinsukia dmmu.tsk@gmail.com
    6 Karbi Anglong kadmmumis.asrlms@gmail.com
    7 Hailakandi dmmu.hkdasrlms@gmail.com
    8 Jorhat nrlmjorhat@gmail.com
    9 Kokrajhar dmmuasrlms.kok@gmail.com
    10 Lakhimpur dmmulakhimpur.asrlms@gmail.com
    11 Golaghat nrlmgolaghat@gmail.com
    12 Cachar dmmu.cachar2@gmail.com
    13 Goalpara dmmuasrlmsgoalpara@gmail.com
    14 Udalguri dmmuudalguri.asrlms@gmail.com
    15 Kamrup dmmu.kamrup@gmail.com
    16 Barpeta dpmbarpeta@gmail.com
    17 Baksa dmmubaksa@gmail.com
    18 Dibrugarh dmmudibrugarh@gmail.com
    19 Karimganj karimganjdmmuasrlm@gmail.com
    20 Nalbari dmmunalbari@gmail.com
    21 Biswanath dmmubiswanath.asrlms@gmail.com
    22 Darrang dmmudarrang@gmail.com
    23 Morigaon dmmu.morigaon@gmail.com
    24 Sivasagar dmmusiv@gmail.com

    Block Mission Management Unit (BMMU)

    District Sl. No. Name of BMMU e-mail ID
    Baksa 1 Baska bmmu.baska@gmail.com
    2 Gobardhana bmmu.gobardhana@gmail.com
    3 Goreswar bmmugoreswar@gmail.com
    4 Tamulpur bmmu.tamulpur@gmail.com
    Barpeta 5 Barpeta bmmubarpeta@gmail.com
    6 Chakchaka bmmuchakchaka@gmail.com
    7 Chenga bmmuchenga15@gmail.com
    8 Gomaphulbari asrlm.gumaphulbari@gmail.com
    9 Pakabetbari bpm.pakabetbari@gmail.com
    10 Rupshi (B) bmmuruposhi@gmail.com
    Biswanath 11 Baghmara baghmara.asrlm@gmail.com
    12 Chaiduar chaiduarbmmu.asrlms@gmail.com
    13 Pub Chaiduar mispubchaiduar.asrlms@gmail.com
    14 Sootea sootiabmmu@gmail.com
    Bongaigaon 15 Boitamari boitamari.asrlm@gmail.com
    16 Dangtol dangtolbmmu@gmail.com
    17 Manikpur manikpur.asrlms@gmail.com
    18 Srijangram bmmu.srijangam2015@gmail.com
    Cachar 19 Borkhola bmmuasrlms.borkhola@gmail.com
    20 Katigora bmmukatigora@gmail.com
    21 Lakhipur (C) bpm.asrlms.lakhipur@gmail.com
    22 Narsingpur bmmunarsingpur@gmail.com
    23 Rajabazar bmmurajabazar@gmail.com
    24 Salchapra bmmusalchapra@gmail.com
    25 Sonai asrlms.sonai@gmail.com
    Charaideo 26 Mahmora bmmumahmora.asrlms@gmail.com
    27 Sapekhati sapekhatinrlm@gmail.com
    28 Sonari abhoipur.asrlms@gmail.com
    Chirang 29 Borobazar bmmuchirang@gmail.com
    30 Sidli Chirang asrlmssidlichirang@gmail.com
    Darrang 31 Dalgaon Sialmari asrlms.dalgaon@gmail.com
    32 Pachim Mangaldai bmmupasmangaldai18@gmail.com
    33 Pub Mangaldoi pubmangaldaibmmu@gmail.com
    Dhemaji 34 Bordoloni bmmubordoloni@gmail.com
    35 Dhemaji bmmudhemaji@gmail.com
    36 Machkhowa bmmumachkhowa@gmail.com
    37 Murkongselek bmmumstd17@gmail.com
    38 Sissiborgaon bmmusissiborgaon@gmail.com
    Dhubri 39 Agomoni gomani.asrlms@gmail.com
    40 Bilasipara Bilasipara.asrlm@gmail.com
    41 Chapor Salkocha bpmchapar@gmail.com
    42 Jamadarhat jamadarhat.asrlm@gmail.com
    43 Mahamaya bmmumahamaya.asrlm@gmail.com
    Dibrugarh 44 Barbaruah barbaruah.asrlm@gmail.com
    45 Joypur bmmujoypur@gmail.com
    46 Tengakhat bmmu.tengakhat.asrlms@gmail.com
    Dima Hasao 47 Diyung Valley dvdblockmaibang.asrlms@gmail.com
    48 Harangajao harangajaoitdp.asrlms@gmail.com
    49 Jatinga Valley jatingavalley.asrlms@gmail.com
    50 New Sangbar newsangbarblock.asrlms@gmail.com
    Goalpara 51 Balijana balijana.asrlm@gmail.com
    52 Jaleswar bmmujaleswar@gmail.com
    53 Krishnai asrlm.krishnai@gmail.com
    54 Kushdhowa  bmmukushdhowa@gmail.com
    55 Lakhipur (G) bmmulakhipurglp@gmail.com
    56 Matia bmmumatia@gmail.com
    Golaghat 57 Golaghat Central bmmu.asrlms.golaghatcentral@gmail.com
    58 Golaghat East (Padumoni) mis.padumoni@gmail.com
    59 Golaghat South (Sarupathar) bmmugolaghatsouth@gmail.com
    60 Golaghat West (Bokakhat) nrlm.bmmubokakhat@gmail.com
    61 Kakodonga bmmukakodonga2018@gmail.com
    Hailakandi 62 Algapur bpm.algapur2012@gmail.com
    63 Hailakandi bmmu.hailakandi@gmail.com
    64 Katlicherra bmmukathlicherra.asrlm@gmail.com
    65 Lala asrlms.bmmu.lala@gmail.com
    66 South Hailakandi bmmusouthhailakandi@gmail.com
    Hojai 67 Binnakandi asrlms.binnakandi@gmail.com
    68 Dhalpukhuri bmmudhalpukhuri@gmail.com
    69 Odali odali.asrlms@gmail.com
    Jorhat 70 Jorhat Central bmmucentraljorhat@gmail.com
    71 Kaliapani bmmukaliapani@gmail.com
    72 North West Jorhat bmmunwj14@gmail.com
    73 Titabor bmmutitabar@gmail.com
    Kamrup 74 Bezera bezera.asrlm@gmail.com
    75 Boko bpm.asrlms.kamrup.boko@gmail.com
    76 Bongaon bmmu.bongaon@gmail.com
    77 Chaygaon chaygaon.asrlms@gmail.com
    78 Hajo bpmhajo.nrlm@gmail.com
    79 Rampur bmmurampur2017@gmail.com
    80 Rangia bpmrangia@gmail.com
    81 Rani bpmrani.nrlm@gmail.com
    82 Sualkuchi bpm.sualkuchi@gmail.com
    Kamrup (M) 83 Chandrapur bmmu.chandrapur@gmail.com
    84 Dimoria bmmudimoria.nrlm@gmail.com
    Karbi Anglong 85 Howraghat bmmuhowraghat@gmail.com
    86 Langsomepi langsomepiblock.bmmu@gmail.com
    87 Lumbajong lumbajongmanja.asrlms78@gmail.com
    88 Nilip nilipbmmu.asrlm@gmail.com
    89 Rangmongwe blockrongmongwe@gmail.com
    Karimganj 90 Lowairpoa lowirpoa.asrlms@gmail.com
    91 Patherkandi bmmu.patharkandi@gmail.com
    92 Ramkrishna Nagar bpm.rknagar2017@gmail.com
    93 South Karimganj bmmusouthkarimganj@gmail.com
    Kokrajhar 94 Dotma bmmudotma@gmail.com
    95 Gossaigaon gossaigaon.nrlm@gmail.com
    96 Hatidhura bmmuhatidhura.asrlm@gmail.com
    97 Kochugaon kachugaon.nrlm@gmail.com
    98 Kokrajhar asrlmskokrajhar@gmail.com
    Lakhimpur 99 Bihpuria bmmubihpuria.asrlms@gmail.com
    100 Boginadi bmmuboginadi.asrlms@gmail.com
    101 Dhokuakhana bmmu.dhakuakhana@gmail.com
    102 Ghilamara bmmu.ghilamara@gmail.com
    103 Karunabari bmmukarunabari@gmail.com
    104 Telahi bmmutelahi@gmail.com
    Majuli 105 Kamalabari bmmumajuli17@gmail.com
    106 Ujani Majuli bmmuujanimajuli@gmail.com
    Morigaon 107 Lahorighat bpmlaharighat.nrlm@gmail.com
    108 Mayong mayongbmmu@gmail.com
    109 Moirabari moirabari.asrlm@gmail.com
    Nagaon 110 Bajiagaon bpm.bajiagaon@gmail.com
    111 Barhampur bpmbarhampur.nrlm@gmail.com
    112 Batadraba bmmubatadrava@gmail.com
    113 Dolongghat bmmu.dolongghat@gmail.com
    114 Kaliabor bmmukaliabor@gmail.com
    115 Kathiatoli bmmu.kathiatoli.asrlm@gmail.com
    116 Khagorijan bmmuasrlmkhagarijan@gmail.com
    117 Laokhowa bmmu.lawkhowa@gmail.com
    118 Pachim Kaliabor bmmuasrlmpachimkaliabor@gmail.com
    119 Raha bmmuraha@gmail.com
    Nalbari 120 Barbhag barbhagasrlms@gmail.com
    121 Borigog Bonbhag bmmuborigogbanbhag12@gmail.com
    122 Borkhetri  bmmubarkhetri@gmail.com
    123 Pachim Nalbari bmmupnalbari@gmail.com
    Sivasagar 124 Amguri amguri.asrlm@gmail.com
    125 Demow bmmudemow@gmail.com
    126 Nazira bmmunazira@gmail.com
    Sonitpur 127 Balipara bmmu.balipara.asrlms@gmail.com
    128 Bihaguri bmmubihaguri.asrlms@gmail.com
    129 Borsola borchallabmmu.asrlms@gmail.com
    130 Dhekiajuli mis.dhekiajuli2012@gmail.com
    131 Naduar bmmu.naduar@gmail.com
    South Salmara Mancachar 132 Fekamari bmmufekamari@gmail.com
    133 Mankachar bmmumankachar@gmail.com
    134 South Salmora bmmusouthsalmara@gmail.com
    Tinsukia 135 Guijan mmu.guijan.asrlm@gmail.com
    136 Itakhuli bmmu.itakhuli@gmail.com
    137 Kakopather bmmu.kkp@gmail.com
    138 Margherita bmmu.margherita@gmail.com
    139 Sadiya bmmu.sadiya@gmail.com
    140 Saikhowa bmmu.saikhowa@gmail.com
    Udalguri 141 Bhergaon bmmubhergaon@gmail.com
    142 Khoirabari bmmukhairabari@gmail.com
    143 Mazbat bpm.mazbat@gmail.com
    144 Rowta bmmu.rowta@gmail.com
    145 Udalguri bmmuudalguri@gmail.com
    West Karbi Anglong 146 Chinthong chinthongasrlms.block@gmail.com
    147 Rongkhang rbrlm_karbianglong@yahoo.com
    148 Socheng sochengblock.asrlms@gmail.com